Timeline Life of Prophet Muhammed (Seerah)

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Published on 28 September 2022

Timeline of Life of Prophet Muhammed (Seerah)

Brief Timeline 1st Published in Sept 2022 | Last Update on 3rd February 2023 at 3:52pm AEST (GMT + 10)

Birth & Pre Prophethood

571 CE: Year of the Elephant |Abrahah, Elephants & Birds incident in Muharram | Birth of baby Muhammed in Rabi Awwal {~20 or 22 April} |  Earlier in the same year, Abdullah, father of the Prophet Muhammed passes away | Later on, baby Muhammed is entrusted to wet nurse Haleemah from Abu Sa'ad bin Bakr for 4 to 5 years.

Age 4 (~ 575 CE): Muhammed's chest is opened by Angel Jibreel, blood clot is extracted from his heart, and the heart washed with Zamzam water from a gold basin.

Age 6 (~ 577 CE): Aminah - Aminah the mother of the Muhammed passes away.

Age 8 (~ 579 CE): Abdul Muttalib, the grandfather of the Muhammed passes away.

Age 12 (~ 583 CE): Bahirah in Syria - Muhammed travels to Syria with Abu Talib on business | Meets Christian monk Bahirah during journey to Syria who recognises him as a Prophet to come.

Age 20 (~ 591 CE): Harb Fujar - Young Muhammed takes part in 'Sacrilegious Wars' (حرب الفُجَار) picking up arrows of the enemy and giving to his uncles.

Age 25 (~ 596 CE): Marriage with Khadeejah - Muhammed goes to Syria as a Merchant with Khadeejah's investment capital accompanied by her servant boy, Maysarah |Marriage to Khadeejah aged 40 with 20 Camels as Mahr (dowry from husband to wife)

Age 35 (~ 605 CE): Kabah Rebuilt - Quraish rebuild the Ka'bah using licit money only and have Muhammed place the Black Stone in place to avoid conflict between others.

Age 38 to 40 (~ 608 to Feb 610 CE): Seclusion in Cave - Seeking worship & devotion in seclusion in Cave Hira over period of 3 years, sees true dreams, and stones greet him with peace!

Makkah Phase

Major Stages of Dawah in Makkah:

Stage 1 - Years 1 to 3: Private call to close friends and family

Stage 2 - Years 3 to 10: Call to Community met with Persecution in Makkah

Stage 3 - Years 11 to 13: Dawah at Hajj to tribes from the outside world beyond Makkah. 

Beginning of Prophethood

Year 1 at 40 years of age i.e. 13BH Ramadan 17th or 21st (610 CE, August 10th):

On 17 or 21 Ramadan {~ 10 Aug 610 CE}, Commencement of Prophethood, Angel Jibreel commands Muhammed (aged 40 years 6 months 12 days ie 39 solar years 3 months 22 days) to 'Read', and reveals the first verses of Surah 95 of the Qur'an. Prophet returns to Khadeejah alarmed and asks to be covered. Khadeejah reassures him and takes him to her elder cousin Waraqah ibn Nawfal, a Christian aware of their scriptures, who confirms the truth of his Prophethood, and informs him of hostility to come against the  Prophethood and his commitment to stand by the Prophet if Waraqah were to be alive.

Years 1 to 3:

Revelations Strengthen the Earliest Believers - Revelations pause a short time strengthening the heart and then continue | Closest family and friends realise and acknowledge the truth of Prophet Muhammed and enter Islam | Most of the Ten Blessed with Paradise become Muslims at this early stage.

Year 3 {~ Nov 611 Onwards}:

Dawah (Call to Islam) to Whole Community - Prophet gathers kith and kin from Quraysh by Mount Safa | General open call to Islam is proclaimed

Year 4 {~ Oct 612 CE Onwards}:

Knowledge & Iman Amidst Intensifying Persecution - Quraysh persecution intensifies | Deeply touching short Surah continue being revealed by Allah upon His Messenger (ص) | Muslims take refuge at Dar-ul-Arqam by Mount Safa to gather in secrecy and gain knowledge of Qur'an & Islam from the Prophet (ص).

Year 5 {~ Oct 613 CE Onwards}:

Some To Abyssinia - First Migration to Abyssinia in Rajab by about 12 men and 3 women | Return in Shawwal hearing false rumours that Quraysh became Muslims | Many more (about 83 men & 19 women) undertake the Second Migration to Abyssinia. The Prophet & others remain in Makkah.

Year 6 {Oct 614 CE Onwards}:

Umar and Hamzah become Muslims | As a result Muslims gain some strength to pray openly and at the Ka'abah accompanied by Umar and Hamzah.

Year 7 {~ Sept 615 CE Onwards}:

Social & Economic Boycott Commences - Pagan Quraysh tribe boycott and shun the Muslims amongst them, no livelihood trade dealings with them, nor marriage! This situation, a trial, remains for three years, wherein Muslims are at times forced to eat leaves from trees and thus pass faeces in drops like a sheep!

Year 10 {~ August 618 CE / AC Onwards}:

  • Boycott Ends - Quraysh boycott of Muslims in Makkah finally ends but persecution continues
  • Year of Sorrow ('Aam ul Huzn) | Abu Talib who gave tribal protection to the Prophet dies (according to some in Rajab), then Khadeejah who gave profound support to the Prophet as his wife also dies (in Ramadan of 10th Year since Prophethood) {~ Apr to May 619 CE}|
  • Taif - Prophet goes to Ta'if for Dawah in Shawwal {May to June 619 AC} | On way back, Prophet gets informed of Islam of Jinn who hear the Qur'an | Prophet returned to Makkah in Dhul Qa’adah.
  • Isra and Meraj happens sometime after this or sometime up to the migration to Medinah wherein the Prophet is given spiritual strength, regard and 5 times daily prayers are made obligatory upon each Muslim |
  • Dawah to Beyond Makkah - Prophet meets and calls visiting pilgrims to Islam during the Hajj occasion.

Year 11 {~ August 619 CE Onwards}:

Madinah Delegation Meet Prophet - Hajj season pilgrims, including some from Yathrib hear the Prophet Muhammed’s call to Islam, six from Yathrib become Muslims.

Year 12 {~ August 620 CE Onwards}:

First Pledge of 'Aqabah - Hajj season 12 people come from Yathrib to give pledge known as the first Pledge, or the Bay’at-ul-Aqabah.

Year 13 {~ July 621 CE/AC Onwards}:

Second Pledge of 'Aqabah with Committment - During the Hajj season {~ end of June 622 CE}, in the middle of the Tashriq days of Hajj, about 73 men and two women from Yathrib accept Islam and give the second Pledge ie Bay’at-ul-Aqabah. They pledge to protect the Prophet Muhammed and invite the Prophet to settle in Medinah.

Year 14, ie 1H (~ Mid July 622 CE / AC Onwards):

Prophet Migrates (Hijrah) from Makkah | He leaves home at night on 27th Safar {12 or 13 September 622 AC}, stays in Cave on Mount Thawr for 3 days, then departs on Rabi Awwal {16 September} and arrives in Quba on Monday 8th Rabi Awwal of 14th Year of Prophethood {23rd September 622 AC} | Prophet arrived in Medinah on Friday 12th Rabi Awwal {27 September 622 AC} | This 14th year of Prophethood, the first year of Migration (ie Hijrah), is later designated by Umar ibn al-Khattab as the 1st year of Hijrah, the Islamic Calendar, with Muharram as the first month of the year.

Medinah Phase - Hijrah

1 AH Hijrah (~ 17 July 622 CE Onwards):

ie. 14th Year since Prophethood | Prophet migrates and arrives in Yathrib, now called Medinah | Masjid Nabawi built | Brotherhood formed between Muhajir (Migrants) and Ansar (local Helpers) | Charter formed with non-Muslim tribes in Medinah | Islamic Society/Community Formed.

2 AH {~7 July 623 CE Onwards}:

Battle of Badr on 17 Ramadan | Lessons learnt are mentioned in Surah Anfal (8) | Earlier, some Muhajirs from Abyssinia shift to Medinah | Also, Prophet consummated marriage with Aishah | Ruqayyah died

3 AH {~ 27 June 624 CE Onwards}:

Battle of Uhud | Lessons learnt are mentioned in Surah Aal Imran (3) |

4 AH {~ 17 June 625 CE Onwards}:

Banu Nadir  betray the Muslims and are expelled

5 AH {~ 7 June 626 CE Onwards}:

Battle of Ahzab | Banu Qaynuqa betray the Muslims |  Lessons mentioned in Surah Ahzab (33) | Quraysh will never attack Medinah again, rather the Prophet will take it to Quraysh | 

6 AH {~ 28 May 627 CE Onwards}:

Treaty of Hudaybiyah | Lessons mentioned in Surah Fath (48) | According to the Treaty, the Prophet does not permit new Muslims fleeing Meccan persecution to live in Medinah |    

7 AH {~ 18 May 628 CE Onwards}:

Battle of Khaybar | Prophet married Safiyyah | Earlier remaining Makkan Muhajirs staying in Abyssinia migrated to Medinah | Prophet performs Umrah of Qada |    

8 AH {~ 8 May 629 CE Onwards}:

Fath of Makkah | After persecution by pagans ends & Allah gives the Prophet amazing chain of victories for Islam, remaining masses in Makkah become Muslims | Battle of Hunayn 

9 AH {~ 28 April 630 CE Onwards}:

Year of Delegations accepting Islam | Battle of Tabuk | Lessons mentioned in Surah Tawbah / Bara'ah (9) | Abu Bakr is ordered by the Prophet to lead the first Hajj and prohibit shirk and indecency at the Ka'abah or Hajj.

10 AH {~ 18 April 631 CE Onwards}:

Prophet performs Hajj | Delivers his Farewell Khutbah at Hajj |  

11AH {~ 8 April 632CE Onwards}:

Death of the Prophet on 12th Rabi ul Awaal (~ June 632 CE)| Earlier the Prophet prepared army for Syrian Byzantine frontiers led by Usamah ibn Zaid ibn al-Harithah | Abu Bakr as-Siddeeq is chosen to be the Khalifatu-Rasulillah, the first of the Rightly Guided Khalifahs and leader of the Muslims.

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