Seventy of Best Good Deeds in Islam

Written by Aslam Abuismaeel
Published on 18 February 2023

Written in Jumada Akhirah 1444H i.e. January 2023 | Last updated 19 Feb 2023 at 03:30am AEST (GMT+10)

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحمَانِ الرَّحِيمِ


1 to 10: Faraid (Obligations) P1of2

  1. Live entire life with Tawhid {including Ikhlas} – The Foundation of our lives!
  2. Have Taqwa (Piety): preferably every moment and in every thought, words and actions – It is the Key to treasures of Dunya & Aakhirah!
  3. Seek Knowledge of Islam: of all its Obligations & of Optional matters.
  4. Pray Friday Prayer
  5. Pray 5 Times a Day Fard (Obligatory) Prayers
  6. Fast the month of Ramadan
  7. Give Zakat to the people as prescribed in the Qur’an
  8. Perform Hajj upon having the means
  9. Be Good and dutiful to Parents.
  10. Enjoin Good & Forbid Wrong

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11 to 20: Faraid (Obligations) P2of2

  1. Understand & Live Whole Life according to Sound and Correct Islamic Beliefs and outlook on life.
  2. Strive in Path of Allah in Doing Obligations and then in Extras.
  3. Cover the Awrah; guard the gaze and the private parts; dress respectfully and modestly; live a life of integrity with dignity and avoid suspicious behaviour.
  4. Be Truthful & Honest
  5. Be Just
  6. Maintain Good Blood Relationships
  7. Do Dua, Salat, Istighfar & Tawbah - Dua for ourselves, Dua of Salat and Salam upon the Prophet Muhammed (ص); dua for ourselves with frequent istighfar and Tawbah; dua for guidance/reform of our Muslim rulers, and dua for the whole Ummah.
  8. Sincerity towards the Qur’an: Recite Qur'an; Learn and Reflect on its message; & Follow Its Teachings
  9. Discharge Trusts Including Distributing Inheritance Islamically, Fulfilling our Duties Towards Others as their Parents, Spouse, Relatives, Neighbours, Muslim Brothers/Sisters and Citizens
  10. Fulfil halal promises and oaths.

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21 to 30: Recommended Rites of Worship

  1. Pray Fard in its Earliest Time
  2. Perform Sunnah Raatibah and Witr.
  3. Praying and worshipping as the Prophet Prayed by following his Words and Actions, and emulating his Khushu.
  4. Perform Qiyamulayl (Night Prayer): such as Tahajjud prayer after sleep, and the nightly Taraweeh prayers in Ramadan.
  5. Perform other Recommended Prayers: such as Duha, prayer for rain, at eclipse.
  6. Keep extra fasts: 3 days monthly; Monday & Thursdays weekly; and Sunnah fasts recommended for various occasions such as Arafah, six of Shawwal and Ashura.
  7. Give extra charity beyond Zakat to poor, needy, and in other causes of Allah.
  8. Perform extra Hajj and Umrah.
  9. Memorizing the whole Quran or parts of it.
  10. Tilawat of Qur’an with Tajweed, Tadabbur (Reflection) and Implementation: i.e., Reciting Quran with Tajweed and beautifying our recitation AND Learning, reflecting on the message of the Qur'an and the hadith and implementing it in our lives.

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31 to 40: Recommended Islamic Way of Life

  1. Quranic character: Deal with Ourselves and Others with Islamic Character from the Quran, Like that of the Noble Prophet (s.a.w)
  2. Zuhd (Ascetism) and simple living without indulgence in worldly pleasures.
  3. Eat few morsels; if more, then a third each for food, drink and air.
  4. Self-scrutiny: Taking account of our own actions to improve.
  5. Visiting Graves, Funerals and Condolensce: Visit Graves to remind of nature of dunya, of death and of Aakhirah; attend Funeral prayer and follow a funeral till burial. Give condolence to the grieving as the Prophet (s.a.w) did. Do not speak ill of a deceased except in case of a oppressor/tyrant (such as the Pharaoh) to show the truth to the people.
  6. Excelling (Ihsan) in Discharging Duties & Responsibilities: Ihsan (excellence) by doing everything as though we are seeing Allah via His Beautiful Names and Lofty Attributes and being conscious that He is watching us; excelling (ihsan) in fulfilling duties towards parents, spouse, children, blood relations, neighbours, brothers in Islam, and to all creatures humans, animals and inanimate objects of Allah’s creation.
  7. Using Right Hands, Cleanliness and Hygiene: Give, take and start with right hands; frequent teeth brushing with Miswak or the like of it; Ghusl (showering the body); wear clean clothes; perfume in halal manner; doing acts of clean fitrah (nature) as per hadith; use right hands for touching clean and left hand for cleaning dirty things; cleaning our hands, ...
  8. Do dua and Dhikr shown by the Prophet (s.a.w) for various occasions: such as when Prophets name is mentioned (ص), going to sleep, waking, morning, evening, eating, drinking, sneezing, boarding a vehicle, travelling, relations with spouse, entering and leaving Masjids, home and toilets. Also istikhara after consultation when making complicated decisions
  9. Shura (Consultation): Conducting affairs by consulting people. Then consult & rely on Allah with dua istikhara.

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41 to 50: Social Life with Others

  1. Being Pleasant to Others: Meeting a brother with a pleasant face; initiate greeting; reply with better greeting; give gifts; give food, especially at Iftar; accept invitations.
  2. Marriage & Parenthood: Marrying early, marrying for piety before all else; having many children and doing good Tarbiyah of children.
  3. Making our Close Friendships and Relationships on Basis of Love of Allah and Piety.
  4. Engaging with People in Doing Good While Bearing their Ignorant Behaviour Patiently
  5. Live Life of Dignity & Integrity and Avoid bringing Suspicion of Sinfulness.
  6. Leader: Being Pious, Just & Kind Leader to Our Flock be it Family, Employees and Servants: ie Be pious and make decisions based on piety as per Allah’s guidance; do not overburden the rest of the team members; be fair, just and neither unjust nor oppressive; consult them; be kind, considerate, etc.
  7. Subjects: Be Sincere Muslim Subject towards Our Leaders: honest, obedient and compliant in relevant matters, respectful, promoting cohesion and not division, etc.
  8. Have Each Other’s Back Covered: Be Trustworthy and do not backbite, slander, carry tales nor divulge secrets of others.
  9. Debts: When loaning to others, make it easy for them; and when returning a debt, earnestly strive to repay debts faithfully and good to return it better.
  10. Being Generous to All and Hospitable to Guests: Be generous to guests within one’s own means and avoid spending excessively (israaf).

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51 to 60: More about Character with People

  1. Stand for truth, justice and piety with firmness. Do not run away from a rightful battle except to something rightfully more deserving; and do not desert our brothers.
  2. The best believer is the most beneficial and helpful to others.
  3. Safeguard our tongue and private parts.
  4. Be respectful firstly of Islamic Scholars; next of elders honouring them. And be kind merciful to the young and those weaker than us.
  5. Use dignified speech and not foul mouthed.
  6. Help the oppressed by helping; and the oppressor by trying to stop him from it; stand with the rightful in justice against the unjust; and make peace between brothers.
  7. Deliberate carefully on actions prior to doing them and do not hasten; and if wrong was done, then seek forgiveness of Allah and then of people.
  8. Remove harm from pathways.
  9. Pray to Allah to beautify our character with everyone as He beautified our creation.

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61 to 70: Transactions with People & With Allah

  1. Earn income only in halal manner and keep away from haram means of income or spending.
  2. Conducting financial transactions in permissible manner. Be transparent, honest and upfront. Do not conceal nor cheat.
  3. Giving true witness testimony.
  4. Praise and thank Allah by saying Alhamdulillah (Praise and thanks to Allah), with obedience and by other means of thankfulness.
  5. Thank whoever helps us with verbal thanks and return a good with good.
  6. Be Humble, Not Arrogant; Be Forbearing, Tolerant and Forgiving; Be Close to people; think well & not with suspicions; be of easy-going demeanour without holding hold grudges.
  7. Say bismillah at start and Be regular in good deeds with balance, moderation and without excesses or crossing the limits of halal.
  8. When yawning, cover the mouth with hand do not make noise.
  9. Praise Allah when sneeze with ‘Alhamdulillah’ (Praise and thanks is for Allah), reply to the other’s sneeze with ‘Yarhamukallah’ (May Allah show you mercy); and reply to that with ‘Yahdeekumullahu wa yuslihu baalakum’.
  10. Better to drink while seated and eat while stationery.

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